Monday, March 1, 2010

Thanks to Salt Lake City!

In these times of stimulus packages, massive bailouts, job programs and plenty of talk, I can tell you where the local action is: Salt Lake City’s Office of Economic Development. Government that works, you had better believe it! These people really help local business with many aspects of getting a new business started in their town.

In our previous aquaculture business – some 10 plus years ago – SLC Economic Development provided us with an equipment loan for product line expansion, creating long-term jobs and helping us grow our business. This time, the Office of Economic Development has provided Epic Brewing with a clear understanding of City requirements for our start-up, as well as financing to jumpstart job creation and to remodel an old eyesore on State Street. Salt Lake City has something that works well, creates jobs, and improves the city for all. Many thanks to: Bob Farrington, Mike Akerlow, Bob Gore and the Loan Committee for their support and assistance.

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