Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013!

What was supposed to be a few days of mountain biking and just hanging out with the family in the Las Vegas area finds me, sadly, flat out sick but thinking about the past and the future.  My wonderful wife says that maybe “the hectic year you have had is finally catching up to you.” We both know 2013, unlike the Mayan calendar, has a lot on it.

It’s almost been two years since anything has been posted on this blog. So here is some reflection:

We have brewed more than 36 beer styles in less than three years.  This past year we added a pretty large firkin/real ale program to our mix.  It’s cool, it’s unique, and we push to, someday, let Utah politicians allow Utahans to try an Epic full strength beer firkin, or any of our kegged beer for that matter, in our home market.  We purchased several hundred firkins and send them to 12 markets around the US.  A primer on Real Ales here: http://www.nerax.org/home/what-is-real-ale.html we also did some kick butt Zwickel Lager’s, we loved them and QC’ed a few casks at the brewery but it seems that the market isn’t into them yet.

Also in 2012 we expanded our cellar significantly, got our custom hop back installed, added about 20 local jobs, had the planning commission split on our local expansion plans, had an average of 24 beer styles in our coolers at the brewery for our great local customers, won more medals for our beers, started distribution in my hometown of Los Angeles, hired our first out of state sales representative, started exporting a little to Japan and Brazil, finally had the USPTO grant our Registered Trademark for Epic Brewing, and a bunch of other stuff.  Time to wrap this part up, reminds me of a road race once when a guy yelled at me when I kept looking back “stop looking back, the race is in front of us now!”  Solid advice!

So looking down the road for 2013:

·         Adding at least one more 80 barrel fermenter into our Salt Lake City brewery; Kevin thinks he can fit two in
·         Attempt to get our Salt Lake City expansion plans approved by the City
·         Start brewing in Denver by April; yes we have a space, look for a press release later this week
·         At least two new killer beers for 2013
·         Begin distribution in Washington State and Nevada, and the balance of Colorado!
·         A possible Gastro Style Pub somewhere in Utah

Here’s a cheer to the New Year, may we all succeed in our goals and live the dreams we make for family, friends and ourselves!  And thanks for your continued support of our small, family owned craft beer business.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pretty Busy Since May Last Year

I guess most of our followers are locals and a few pals from afar, so most of you already know the growth story of Epic Brewing. The rapid increase in fermentation tanks and building expansion and the many awards already won, including being named the number three top new brewer in the world by Ratebeer.com just a few days ago. How many months ago did we start this? About nine; really can't believe it.

We are now up to 26 beer styles brewed and we distribute in Utah, Idaho, Virginia, Washington DC and parts of Colorado.

How can a small company like this do something like that. I think it is first from the support of community as well as a buy in from all involved in the vision of the project. Most people thought the idea was crazy but when customers, cities, employees, our contractor, distributors, suppliers, other craft brewers and many others buy into that vision with a drive and passion things happen. Thanks to all of you!

We are well beyond our year five business plan and making so many tasty beers I really cannot decide which one I will have with dinner tonight. It is a weekend at home between two weeks of launch efforts in Virginia, Washington DC and Colorado. We never dreamed that we would be on tap in our Nations Capitol at one of the top beer bars in the world, or on draft in Charlottesville, VA, just a stones throw away from Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, within a year of operations.

Can't wait to see what happens next week.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Make Beer, more Beer; then Blog

Thanks again to everyone for your patronage. We thought the nine brands of beer we had built up would meet demand for at least a couple of months. WRONG! We stepped up our game and purchased a used 40 barrel tank which should arrive next week and three new tanks due to arrive in 4 to 8 weeks. We released three Exponential beers this week (Imperial Red, Sour Apple Saison and Brown Rice Ale) and put a forth one in casks, which should be ready in about two more weeks.

We have re-brewed the Cross Fever Amber Ale (estimated restock 6/4), Hopulent #2 (6/14), Spiral Jetty, Copper Cone, Brainless and will get the Stout and others going next week. Pfeifferhorn Lager will be in the cold case sometime next week and if the Feds approve the formula on the Belgian Wit we already have bottled that could be in the cold case as well.

Monday, May 17, 2010

It has been a long road to Today

It was a Grand Day, it started with an early read of morning beer from Mike’s blog http://utahbeer.blogspot.com/: “The biggest of the weeks events has to be the grand opening of Epic Brewing Company's brand new brewery in downtown SLC.” A kind way to start the day!

We had some television interviews, we got the new signs out and a lot of old friends came by helping us get ready, to celebrate and wish us well. We had the chance to share the beer passion with loads of great people coming from all over; it is great to see that kind of support.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Whiskey Wood and First Sales

It is a good week when you get some sweet casks to age your beer, get your retail sales point finally in place (thanks to Mike at www.justaddwater.us, Mark Fisher and Brent) and you make your first sales to The Bayou, The Beerhive and Smokin’ Blues Barbeque.

We cannot wait to open for direct to the public sales in just a few days.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Chocolate Malts, Wheat Malts, Smoked Malts and Spices

Kevin has been brewing like a mad man. We did a double batch of Hefe (Wheat beer), a nice Chocolate malt dominant Porter, a Cherry Smoked Malt Belgian Strong Ale (we are going to age this fine beer in special wood casks) and yesterday we brewed a Sour Apple Saison. In a weeks time we have filled the brewery and neighborhood with some nice aromas that has some around here completely baffled. The Sour Apple Saison was the kicker for aromas. Spices form Spain, Morocco and other near and far locations added to the end of the boil made that brew something special in the air. We may age some of this one in wood cask too.... If you have never tried this style of beer the first Epic version will be a very lively and approachable ale great for the spring and summer season.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oil Gusher!!

Yesterday we bottled our first batch (it was the Oatmeal Stout that was ready first) through the new bottling machine. At one point, it was like an oil gusher back in the bottling area! Some even cried over the spilt beer. Getting the set up right took a while but now we know how the damn thing works and are another step closer to getting that Epic brew out to the thirsty.