Thursday, March 18, 2010

Luck of the Irish and Green Stuff

Yep, this post is a day late. We were hopeful of getting the last documents we need from the City as a birthday present for Peter, sure enough turns out he is a Patty’s day born Swede who is now waiting for a belated b-day gift. We need some luck today so we can have those papers and get in front of the commission next week.

Next year, you will not see green beer although don’t rule out something special released on that day. If you want to see something green, check out our siding material made from recycled paper and plastic material and the LED lighting we installed throughout the building. LED fixtures are costly but good for the environment and as an added bonus; the light they produce won’t quickly “skunk” the hoppy beers.

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  1. My name is Chris Detrick and I am a photographer with the Salt Lake Tribune. I also do freelance photo projects on the side as well as homebrew in my spare time.

    I am wondering if you would be interested in having me document the process of your first beer at Epic from brew day to bottling to the drinking of the first pint.

    You can see samples of my photography here:

    Let me know if you would be interested.
    chrisdetrick8 {at}