Friday, April 30, 2010

Whiskey Wood and First Sales

It is a good week when you get some sweet casks to age your beer, get your retail sales point finally in place (thanks to Mike at, Mark Fisher and Brent) and you make your first sales to The Bayou, The Beerhive and Smokin’ Blues Barbeque.

We cannot wait to open for direct to the public sales in just a few days.


  1. How are there so many people who have had Epic already? That poll is making me thirsty!

  2. Dan, go to the Beerhive, Bayou, Poplar St or Smokin' Blues BBQ(Logan), they all have some. We hope to get them into more places soon, and brewery retail opens the 17th!

  3. I LOVE your beer! It is a very impressive effort, and you have not disappointed.

    My only complaint is aesthetic: your bottle labels look like something straight out of a Microsoft Word template with a few online stock photos.

    Ultimately however its about what is INSIDE the bottles, and you have excelled at that!

  4. Glad you love the beer because that is what it is about for sure. We purchased most of the photos on the bottles from local photographers, only a couple stock ones.