Friday, April 23, 2010

Chocolate Malts, Wheat Malts, Smoked Malts and Spices

Kevin has been brewing like a mad man. We did a double batch of Hefe (Wheat beer), a nice Chocolate malt dominant Porter, a Cherry Smoked Malt Belgian Strong Ale (we are going to age this fine beer in special wood casks) and yesterday we brewed a Sour Apple Saison. In a weeks time we have filled the brewery and neighborhood with some nice aromas that has some around here completely baffled. The Sour Apple Saison was the kicker for aromas. Spices form Spain, Morocco and other near and far locations added to the end of the boil made that brew something special in the air. We may age some of this one in wood cask too.... If you have never tried this style of beer the first Epic version will be a very lively and approachable ale great for the spring and summer season.

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  1. Peter Erickson conducted a tasting at the Alta Lodge in December 2011. What was the beer with the coffee in it?