Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 Starting Out Right

So… the City decided to give me a birthday present and it was a good one. We received approval for our building permit on December 30th! Our pal and GC, Mark, wasted no time getting busy. I took this picture on January 5th, and sorry to all those hoping that Epic could deliver Utah’s first drive thru, it just couldn’t happen for so many reasons…

The front of the building was lopped off so we can make an extension to the west and increase the ceiling height to allow for the brand spanking new brew house and some of the fermentation tanks right up front. The storefront glass that graced the front previously will not be taking up space in a landfill since it will be reused in another local business.


  1. Wahoo! Looks like it's all finally starting to come together. Congrats and Happy Birthday Dave!

  2. Just be open by the first week of June, otherwise, my mancation plans will be affected!

  3. I love following your progress on this blog and coming from Portland, I really miss my craft brews!

    Will you guys need a brewing apprentice? Let me know if you do, I've homebrewed for years and would love to learn the commercial side!

  4. Okay first week of June, we better make that date now that a mancation is at risk! Dan, come by when we get started.