Monday, November 9, 2009

Wheat Beer at Sunset

More concept brews with the small pilot system underway at about one a week. The Stout got going last week and is looking good. This week we hope to do a very special barrel aged Belgian style strong ale. If the flavors work out, all I can say is look out, it is going to be a treat. We will be shooting for about 10% ABV with this one and if the concept is proven to be tasty, ask to see the full size cask once we get underway at the brewery.

We have been at the City a lot these days. Support for the project is very encouraging and we hope to have the building permit in three weeks or, hopefully less. Next week we have our first visit from JVNW to discuss the install of our brew house with our contractors. Things are moving but never fast enough.

Something special that just says spring beer to you? Since our projected opening date is early spring, it would be great to have some comments as to what readers here might enjoy brew wise in the springtime.


  1. Saisons are great anytime of the year. Especially Spring!


  2. I usually prefer a lighter or fruitier Witbier during the spring.

  3. both homebrew test batches of Wit and Saison got started late Dec. Thanks, guys